Below you’ll find information on our most popular automation and entry products. If you would like to take a look at our handmade gates please click here.

Underground Automation

As the name suggests, underground automation sits underneath the gate with only a metal plate and small shoe visible above ground. Underground automation is our most popular solution for swing gates, providing both subtlety and style.

Linear Automation

Often used in order to retro-fit automation to older gates, linear automation is an efficient and affordable method of automating swing gates.

Sliding Automation

Sliding gates can help to free up much needed space on a driveway. Sliding automation offers a smooth and elegant solution with a contemporary feel.

Articulated Automation

Articulated openers are good value and designed for lighter gates. This style of automation is useful for entrances where the geometry for linear automation cannot be achieved.

GSM Intercom

By using a SIM card inside the device, the GSM intercom can call any number of your choice when someone arrives at your gates. Using your mobile phone you can now respond to visitors even when you’re not at home. You’ll never miss a delivery again!


By prohibiting access through your gates to only those with the right code, a keypad can help to keep your property secure, whilst ensuring friends and family still have a means of entry.

Entry/Exit Button

Our IP rated entry/exit buttons can be installed for quick and simple access through the gates.

Exit Loop

Buried under the driveway, an exit loop will automatically open the gates when a vehicle is detected, allowing exit from the premises without any additional accessories.

Electronic Lock

Electronic locks provide additional support to larger gates, helping to reduce stress on the motors (in heavy wind areas, for example) by having the gates lock in the middle.