The right set of gates with the correct automation adds greater value to a property every time! The wrong ones soon causes issues that become more costly than ever anticipated and have been known to detract from a good sale.

Why? Well it has been independently proven that properties sell for between 5 and 15% more, subject to location, when they are protected by a reliable and attractive automatic gate system.

Obvious examples are apparent with developers and more and more homeowners choosing to add automatic gates to their properties. Buyers want the benefits gate automation has to offer and are willing to invest in properties’ that have them.

So why do automatic gates become an investment? The job they do has an important role to play in the lives of people today. With safety paramount, having control of access into or out of one’s property, together with many other benefits, has become a very attractive feature when selling your home. Like for like properties in the same road often attract a greater difference in ‘sale value’ than twice that of the gate system cost.

How then do they become an investment? A correctly designed and installed system will: Stop children running out into the road, keep pets from causing accidents or running off, provide traffic calming and pest control. They will make the property look smarter, provide security and act as a deterrent. They could save money on insurance, prevent vandalism and unwanted visitors. The list goes on and the main reason for purchase has to be considered and catered for within the original systems design and build.

Automatic gate installations and their design are unique to each property, for it to fulfil the requirements of both the customer and users, within its location and environment. Only accurate experienced advice on the design and skilful build, will fully maximise the return on the original investment made, with shortfalls costing dearly in the long run.

Every day someone makes money from a wise investment!